CouchDB Cache Extension (Beta) for Railo

Posted by Mark Drew on code on September 30, 2010

Tagged under railo,couchdb,getrailo

I have spent a while working on this extension and after a hiatus of client work I managed to get it all uploaded and documented onto the Railo Wiki.

CouchDB is a noSQL database that allows you to store complex documents and get them by key (and revision), it is very performant and easy to replicate which makes it a great alternative as a distributed caching system, hence we created the CouchDB Cache Extension!

It is fairly simple to install, you just have to add the preview extension provider ( to the list of your Railo Extension Providers and then under your Extensions/Applications section you should now see the CouchDB Cache extension, just install that, create a Cache Connection and start using it for your Objects, Templates, Queries etc!

There are more detailed installation instructions over at the Wiki, why not check it out?

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