Getting into Railo: I liked it so much I bought (some of) the company

Posted by Mark Drew on code on April 1, 2009

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As I hope nearly everyone has heard by now, Railo finally went open source yesterday, you can check out the new Open Source Railo site at and as well that Railo Technologies has started up

But this post isn't about that. I have been involved with the guys at Railo for a long time and been very impressed with the work that they have been doing, so much so that I have decided to buy join them.

So, as from today I am the CEO of Railo Technologies UK.

Whoa! You might say, what does this mean? Well, I am hopefully bringing my experience with Open Source Software, development practices and technology to the team and I hope that in the next few months we will have a lot more exciting things to show you (such as Project "Romero").

Railo Technoliogies UK will be dealing with the consultancy, training and hosting solutions for Railo Open Source as well as extending the core project and validating extensions that will be distributed through the upcoming Extension Store.

Its a joy to finally let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

Over the next few weeks I shall be giving you all an insight into our expansion plans to build and increase our fantastic community of CFML developers.

EDIT: Since it has now passed midday, and the time for April Fool's is over, I thought I should clairfy that I am INDEED CEO of Railo Technologies UK and that I have become part of Railo, rather than buying it outright!


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