CFEclipse and Working Sets

Posted by Mark Drew on code on August 11, 2006

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Jeff asks:

Mark, I have many clients each with multiple projects. Currently when I create projects in CFEclipse I name them with the client name as a prefix (abbreviated). My project listing is now huge. Is there a way to create a project group and then place the projects within said group? And if so, can I move (or drag+drop) the current projects into said groups instead of having to recreate them all? Thanks!

Jeff, the way round this is to create a working set. I have made a little video on how to achieve this (its easier to show than to describe) and I hope this helps (just click on the image to view it)

You basically have to create a Resource working set whilst you are in the CFEclipse perspective. Then you can switch between clients and see all their projects, its not so much of a drag and drop, but more of a tick-the-box aproach.

I hope this helps!

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