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Posted by Mark Drew on code on March 15, 2016

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At the end of my presentations on Meteor I have a slide with a bunch of resources, but I have come to realise that they are

  1. Probably not enough
  2. Can’t be seen for long enough for them to be useful.

Instead of just putting up the presentation, I thought I would share some of the links and my own resources:

  1. Obviously your first port of call should be to download and get more info about the project including:
    1. Documentation Which are pretty damn good and cover the whole of the Meteor API (switch to the full version to see even more)
    2. Tutorials Including Blaze, Angular and React versions
    3. Forums where you can ask questions and become part of the Meteor community
  2. The Discover Meteor Book which is a great book on learning how to build applications that scale both in traffic and complexity.
  3. If you are more visually minded and want to work along with someone, you can check out the LevelUpTuts channel. They have some great play-lists including:
    1. Intermediate Meteor 2. User Accounts in Meteor 3. And a couple of videos on React and Meteor for Everyone
  4. Since most code in the world seems to be developed via Stack Overflow answers, you can also check you all the stuff marked “meteor” there
  5. If you want to keep up to date with all the news that is happening around Meteor and JavaScript a great site to check out is the which spawned the awesome Creater Conf
  6. A big mention should go to Josh Owens, (who runs as he blogs a great deal and has some great podcasts on the subject. Find him at
  7. Mup and Mupx: At some point (really soon) you will start wanting to do proper deployments of Meteor onto various hosts. One way I love doing it using mup (now called mupx). Check out the project as it’s as easy as doing mup deploy

I have also published some topics on this blog and also made a couple of videos such as:

Meteor for Server Side Developers

Debugging server-side Meteor

I hope that helps. Some of the links are obvious but if you can suggest more I shall update the post.

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