This is what I do.
This blog, written by Mark Drew (see definition below) is mainly a technical blog covering areas such as ColdFusion, Railo/Lucee, MongoDB, Node, Meteor, CFML, Apple hardware and software, web development amongst a few of the subjects. I try to keep it as factual as possible and with original content, without repeating posts from other blogs, unless I think it would be something my readers wouldn't have caught elsewhere or its really interesting. That said, I am sure I shall break that rule.

About Mark Drew:

So, after reading the blog you are wondering who Mark Drew is? Lets see, here are some facts about Mark Drew:
  1. Mark Drew is a Web and MobileApplication Developer based in London
  2. Mark Drew runs CMD a start-up development consulting buidling cutting edge web aplications
  3. Mark Drew is a host of the awesome Localhost Podcast with Rob Dudley. You really should listen to it.
  4. Mark Drew is was the Lead Developer on the CFEclipse project, which is an IDE for ColdFusion based on Eclipse
  5. Mark Drew is half Bolivian and half British
  6. Mark Drew's favourite drink is Gentleman Jack
  7. Mark Drew is co-manager of the UK CFUG
  8. Mark Drew is the Reactor Project Project Manager
  9. Mark Drew has run the consultancy side of Railo Technologies
  10. Mark Drew has spoken at a lot of conferences such as dev.objective(), Scotch on the Rocks, CFUnited and cfcamp
  11. Mark Drew fiddles with a guitar, but doesn't fiddle with a fiddle
  12. Mark Drew prefers dogs to cats.
  13. Mark Drew has a dog called JR. No it's nothing to do with the TV show Dallas.
  14. Mark Drew has a dog called Leia. She is a princess.
  15. Mark Drew is barely 40, looks older, behaves younger.
  16. Mark Drew lives in Greenwich, which is where the Mean Time comes from. Mark isn't mean though.
  17. Used to live in Valencia, Spain. Also has lived in Bolivia, Germany and Madrid.
  18. Mark Drew has been to lots of countries, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea (only to stop off for a smoke though), France, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia , Lithuania, Mexico and Chile... oh.. and England too
  19. Mark Drew has met Alan Moore and Andy Diggle. Need I say more?
  20. Mark Drew is on twitter as @markdrew
  21. Mark Drew is on linkedin too